Saturday, October 13, 2007

Heart intents vs. Gods will

Proverbs 19:20-21 - “Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise. Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.”

I recently had a "conversation" with someone who's "perspective" was that despite what Gods word said (like literally) that God would overlook the specific dismissal of His word/law and instead look at the purpose within their heart.

Their argument went something like this.....

"When you read the bible... you have to figure out what Gods purpose was in saying that...... I "think" He didn't mean that literally (AS IN ONE OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS that we were discussing) But I think "Gods heart" in saying that was.... we are to use it as a kind of guideline... and since I know that my reason (for ignoring direct commandment) is that God knows I want to glorify Him, it doesn't apply."

Which is prime reason for me starting ten commandment study for myself.
#1 what the heck is "Gods heart" I don't remember reading that phrase in the bible...I have read about is HOLY WILL AND PERFECT PURPOSE
#2 when you completely discard the specific and "no beating around the bush" language of something as simple and straight forward as the ten commandments, just so that you can reinterpret them to justify your sin... whats next?
#3 Specific commandment being discussed is repeated many other times within the bible AND having the same context and guidelines... so are you going to reinterpret the entire bible?

I can understand that there are some things that God spoke in parables... such as plucking out eyes and cutting off limbs... but I am not sure there was any fogginess with the basics of what God requires of you.

The idea that you can twist Gods word into what you think He might mean by it and then use that version based on you trying to get to "gods heart" and then modeling your heart off it.... well its scary to me... in fact that's where today's verse comes in...

NOTE.... THE BIG FAT "but" in the middle of that 2nd verse. Yes, man has purpose in his heart..... BUT, as in "completely disregard mans purpose" and know that doesn't change Gods will or purpose.

So how do we know what Gods will and purpose is for our lives? We find it.... IN THE BIBLE ALONE... so when there is a direct commandment on how to do a specific thing... THATS GODS PURPOSE.

OK I know I have been venting a bit today... but this person knows better and yet they will not listen to the first part of the verse because they are wise in there own eyes and "knowledge of God's heart"

Let this story be a warning/example/encouragement-to-do-better to those that read it. Don't let your purposes be erased by a "BUT". Strive to obey God the way that He requires and not the way you want.

God thank you for the clear directions that you do give us and Lord let that be in my heart to do, Lord please speak to the heart of the one that I write about. Thank you for your loving forgiveness that abounds in my life.

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