Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mommy of 4... Master of none

Well since I have yet to pick up a journal in the last 2 years.... maybe I can do this ?

I am not sure where to start my day.... How about at midnight.
12:20 am
Went up to bed .. (remeber this is Valentines evening)
1:15 am
Went to sleep
6:39 am
Woke up to the phone rining... note the phone is our alarm clock and was set for 5am to send hubby off to work. went something like this.....
me: Zzzzz ..RING"fraglerocktheme"... Helllloooooo
boss: Is marc there
me: (thinking: oh crap) Hold on....
me : Crap its 6:40 and its your boss on the phone
DH: saying something incoherient taking the phone and saying... "I know, alarm didnt go off be there in a few minutes" ( this happened in about 2 seconds I am not sure that his boss even talked to him)
me: uh what happened ? I set the alarm.. I checked 2 times last night
DH: probably turned if off and fell back asleep
me: can I get you something ?
DH: no i think that I am going to throw my stuff on and grab a cereal bar
6:50 Husband left.. I climbed back in to bed.... just about to doze off
Ok day has started.....
Mommy I have to pee
Mommy I want to go down stairs
Mommy she took my barbie book

7 am ( I can feel the migrain starting )
Manage to get downstairs ... fighting over who gets to open the door
(3 kids in Unison) Mommy I want...... drink cereal banana poptart
Got the kids fed and baby nursing as I sat down to 400 emails.. 398 being spam
The last thing I need right now is more debt or a husband on Viagra
and 2 being real....My friend... Wanting to know if we are coming over today and $
Well yea for the money.. my account balance went from 2.56 to 52.56 ! I can buy diapers now... which is great becasue I smell poop and I am pretty sure we only have one left......
Praying its not 2 of them.. I am thankful to find thats not the case.
Now up to my elbows in diper wipes and breathing though my mouth... the phone rings...
Now on a normal day the phone never rings except my DH letting me know hes on his way home for lunch and can I please put it in the microwave.

Some how I manage to get the phone and a diaper on the kid... Its my friend... guess she got my email.... Now that I realized that going to her house may not work cause DH will have the car at work... I need to get out of this house so I am willing to take DH back to work so we can have the car for a few hours.

Heating up left overs for breakfast, breaking up the fight over who get to play with what, packing up the things that I sold earlier and trying to keep the babys tray full of cherioes.
Eating cold "again" leftovers
Phone rings... Hubby... not fired,not even in trouble, well thats one less thing to think about

10:05.... Finally I was able to use the bathroom... and I even managed to get dressed ... all alone.
Uh oh if I was alone for that long.... come down to find someone underware floating in the toilet and all 3 in the bathroom playing go fish.

10:20am decided to start a personal blog

I can only imagine what the rest of the day will be............