Friday, September 21, 2007

Conversation with my 2 year old

OK hes barely 2 and didn't say more than a dozen things until the last week or so.

But the weather here has seemed to turn to fall already and so I pulled out all the winter jammies.

Eden was so very excited for his new (already used by his brother) PJ's. He starts yanking on his new shirt, while smiling and dancing around singing... Sheep, sheep, sheep. Which was really cute.... and really funny because the things on his shirt are not sheep... not even close.. they are Rhinos.

Now I taught him to say rhino... but several times throughout the day, he still was calling them sheep. Side note: to those that don't know our family as well as some. Ducks & rhinos have long been something that we have collected for the kids, so our house is full of them.

So it made me think... why sheep. Why not rhinos? What is it that makes sheep more appealing than rhinos?

Well there are the obvious things like sheep being soft, cute and cuddly... and they are certainly not aggressive like rough, hard, & sharp horned Rhinos.

It made me think... in all his wisdom of being two. He already knows what God has called us to be :D Sheep, sheep, sheep! and not rhinos :D

~ Lynn

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