Friday, January 25, 2008

Can I just say.....

I totally love my husband.

He brings me food :) ok sometimes its not always food ... like when hes tucked into bed for the night and I realize that I have no water... He will so selflessly get out of bed and brave the freezing temperatures downstairs (no joke the bananas in my kitchen freeze) not to mention the long trek between our bedroom the kitchen. And bring me back bottles of water!
I suppose water is food... but he will get other things for me too :)

Today in my pregnant/sick/migraine/CRAVING food state.... He is getting off work and going to burger king to buy me a Coke Icee ( the only place in town that sells them) ... then hes going the burrito place to get me the tacos and chips I cant live without. He even remembers to order it with light lettuce and extra cheese! Isn't he wonderful ...... this being said.... he has brought me my cravings at least 10 times in the past 2 weeks.
Oh and he packed up our whole family last night... when it was snowing... and took us (well more for the kids) to see the new veggie tales movie, because it was the last night it was playing in town. ..... anyone whose wondering... it was cute.. not really biblical like we normally expect from veggies but still cute... Eden and Levi were rocking out during the "rock monster" music video at the end.
Anyway thats all I had to say for this post. I love Marc.. not only for the amazing ways that he totally blesses me... but because hes the one that God gave me and I am so thankful for him!

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mylulus said...

its so beautiful to hear about the love for your husband. It sounds by his actions that like he equally has the same affection for you!