Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sushi - My first experience (and Marcs)

OK~ Well pregnancy has been reeking havoc on my body over the last few weeks, so my normal devotions are not being typed up as much as I would like.

Note: went to the Dr yesterday and had an ultrasound.. Baby has a heartbeat! Yea!

Anyway.. while its making me completely nauseated and tired (also read as grumpy) I started craving SUSHI. Now I have never ever ever had sushi before... So I am slightly confused by my need for something I have never tasted. But I am.

Well Marc has never had it either... and I know I am limited to what I can eat... as most everyone will tell you pregnant women should not eat much fish... let alone raw fish. But my craving was still driving me nuts.. I decided to go for it.

I ventured down to the sushi place and ordered what I though sounded good.. and what Marc might like. Heres what we got... both included seaweed, rice, crab and cucumber, & avocado
The one on the left is mine with shrimp on top and the other is Marc's with tuna.
Now it was nice that we both had it for the first time together.. Its was our little adventure for the year. (yes we live thrilling lives)
I normally LOVE crab.. But I think I like it hot and on the crab then dipped in butter.. not cold and mixed with mayo.. cause this was not a good thing. But the rest of it I loved. especially the fresh ginger and soy sauce. Marc said he liked the rice........ and after a bit of prying said that he would be open to trying other kinds. I am looking forward to filling my next roll with deep fried shrimp ;D
OK I know people are reading this my counter keeps going up.. so give me some help... what is your favorite sushi? What should I try next?

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Cindy said...

I just noticed you had a blog! Yay! I had sushi for the first time when I was pregnant with my son...he just turned 21 so it was awhile ago. It's my favorite food! Most people like California rolls, it has crab and avocado. My favorites are salmon, tuna or eel.