Friday, September 28, 2007

Yea ~ We made it!

Numbers 6:24 “The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”’

What a day~ OK it started off with pouring rain. So I packed the car and all the kids and got soaked.... but managed to start by 8:15... 2 hours and 15 minutes has to be some kind of record for getting up and getting all of us out of the house. (had the help of Marc)

So 40 minutes into the trip.... with pouring rain... and my wiper blade goes flying off the car.... and now the metal is scracthing the window...yikes!

God provided Grants Pass just 20 minutes from there (with a car parts place with a parking spot in front of a large glass window) and a really nice guy to replace them for me. Which means that I didn't have to get all 5 kids out of the car to go into the store (like a walmart) and then stand in the rain and try to figure it out. That was a blessing :D It was only a 10 minute detour.

Got some snow around the border so that was kinda fun to see... didn't stick but it was pretty. At Shasta we were under this odd cloud... "doom-ish" like you would see on a movie. It was not like I have ever seen before... dark and heavy.. but you can see the light blue sky beyond it with the white fluffy clouds.

Well things are going OK after that... until 20 minutes on the Oregon side of Sacramento..... Esther, to quote her "I woke up and puke was coming out of my mouth" Lovely.... yet another blessing from God we were 1 mile from a rest stop. I am not sure I will be able to eat fruit loops for awhile, but got her changed and did a potty break ... so that was a 30 minute sidetrack... but good for stretching the legs!

Things were going OK after that until... about 50 minutes from getting here... and Esther sounded the warning that she was about to blow again... Anyone who has driven this area.. between Avanal and the 46... its windy and narrow and under construction and there is NO where to pull off... so the conversation went something like...

me: Puke on your blanky and we will wash it when we get to grandmas...
her: but I love my blanky
me: in know... don't get in on the floor... just on your blanky... shooooooooot... Don't move I will pull over soon.

Well we got here (30 minutes short of 12 hours).. and all is well (and now washed)

note to self: need to get car sickness stuff for Esther.

God thank you for the safe trip and provisions along the way!

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